Slider vs Jib vs Steadicam

Slider vs Jib vs Steadicam — When To Use Which?

In this video, Dave Wallace of Innovate ImageWorks compares the different camera shots you can get from your jib, your stabilizer, and your slider, and when to use each for maximum effect. It is probably the most entertaining gear tutorial I have seen in ages, so you’re in for a real treat. Handheld The most

"Batmobile" carriage design

How Sidebeam Came To Be – Part 2

This is the second part of my story to How Sidebeam Came To Be. Be sure to check out part 1 here if you haven’t already. On with testing and more testing I was pleased that my 24″ aluminum slider could hold the weight of my camera gear, but the other important feature, the carriage, had proven

3D printed track prototype

How Sidebeam Came To Be – Part 1

I’d like to give you all a look into the design and development of our portable camera slider, Sidebeam. As customers, we never really get to see that journey for the products we buy. And just like every video you and I create, there’s an original story behind it. In this 2-part post, I’ll share an

Chase Jarvis Shares Best Travel Tips

Chase Jarvis Shares His Top Travel Tips

If you read our previous post about Chase Jarvis, you may remember we promised to share his best travel tips for the on-the-go filmmaker. Whether you travel to remote locations for the vastness of nature or a beautiful wedding, this video will help you choose the right gear for traveling. (If you are not interested in photography, feel

How Chase Jarvis Made Filmmaking History

How Chase Jarvis Made Filmmaking History

If you’ve ever seen an episode of CreativeLive, then you know who Chase Jarvis is. A little edgy, a little posh, Jarvis helms the world’s largest live streaming educational website. With guests like Tim Ferriss and Ramit Sethi and $21.5 million in VC funding, the award-winning photographer has a lot under his belt, but I

What Happened When Dave Dugdale Checked In His Slider

What Happened When Dave Dugdale Checked In His Slider

I did use the slider a bit, I hardly used the tripod…I didn’t want to slow down our vacation setting up a tripod at every vineyard we went to In the summer of 2012 Dave Dugdale and his wife booked a memorable trip to beautiful Napa Valley, California to celebrate their 10 year wedding anniversary.

In Yosemite with camera gear

The Need For A Portable Camera Slider

If you make videos and you have a camera slider, then you know just how essential that piece of equipment is. For some of us, it’s our first big purchase (after a camera perhaps) when really getting into video. As a small investment, sliders add that great production value we all strive for. If you